How I did a Master in France

It was 2014, I was a little bit lost, I didn't know what to do with my life, I wasn't happy at all, even when I had a good job, friends and a little bit of money, I wasn´t rich but it was ok, still.. something was missing.

My sister was studying in France at that time, so I decided to take a break and visit her. I didn´t imagine my life was about to change. There I had the opportunity to meet the director of the Master that my sister was doing: Master de Langues étrangère appliquées au commerce Electronique. As you are reading this probably would be thinking, WDF with that name, its sound complicated, but it's just a Master degree in foreign language and e-commerce, that's all.

I talked to him because I had read a little bit of the courses that the Master had and I was interested in, he told me I could apply like everyone else but that I have to learn french first... I didn't even know how to spell "fromage". 

Still, I've decided to do it.. it became my challenge, the first thing I did when in returned back to Peru was to start learning french, I've quit my job and everything started to become crazy in my life, like super crazy... 

But I'll tell you all about that later.

For now I'll leave you a post that I made in my blog in Spanish, but there I talk more about the process of getting the visa for students from Peru.

à bientôt,
Ugo CD


Ugo CD Blog | Diario d'un diseñador "pseudoartista"

Hola Hello Salut,
My blog spanish version: http://www.ugocd.com/blog

Hello everyone, this is the very first post of my Diario d'un pseudoartista, ok it's not, at all... i have this blog since 2007, when i used to post all my art work, my graphique designer portafolio, but now im trying to organise eveything in my virtual life.

So here i will post the ENGLISH version of my Spanish Blog.

I'm gonna start for introduce myself, I'm UGO CD, i'm peruvien and right now i'm living in LYON, FRANCE. I am a visual artist. This blog its all about my thoughts, my experience as an graphic artist and voilà.

á bientôt,
Ugo CD